I am not the only one who noticed that on the same day the State of California murdered Stan Tookie Williams based only on the testimony of jail house snitches and circumstantial evidence, Dubya was casually tossing out how thirty thousand died in Iraq.

To that effect, as well as critique of mainstream media, there is a good Counterpunch article on the subject by writer Niranjan Ramakrishnan, two paragraphs of which are posted below.

"In California that day, the State Supreme Court rejected an appeal for clemency from Stanley "Tookie" Williams, a convicted murderer. As did the state governor, citing insufficient evidence. Williams, who founded a notorious criminal gang, was repentant of his gang activity, but not of the murders, which he throughout maintained he did not commit."

"The same day, some three thousand miles away, in Pennsylvania, the President of the United States was admitting, before an an elite gathering, that the ongoing war started by him nearly three years ago had already killed 30000 Iraqis and 2140 Americans."

Rest of article at  http://www.counterpunch.org/ramakrishnan12132005.html