Community turmoil provides Howard with an alternative means to deploy police state methods via compliant State Premiers. It is sometimes difficult to impose draconian policies without a crisis situation! However, the best-laid plans could backfire. In the very recent past it was the Asians who were targeted and prior to that the Europeans. None of these groups have forgotten the appalling treatment they received, if it’s a divided society Howard wants he just might get it. [It would be very easy to run with the morons wouldn’t it?]

Fortunately, Australian society is bigger than Howard’s divisionism; except for extreme elements in every society we stand united with eyes firmly fixed on Howard as we enter an immanent economic collapse (exacerbated by the Howard induced highly inflated prices for housing). Never lose sight of the man who forced you to work longer and harder to service the crippling debt in which you now find yourselves. Vent all your anger on those responsible for your dire situation – the Howard Liberal Government!

Australian society is now experiencing the realty of Howard policies. Young couples and other investors have incurred debt levels which can only be described as horrendous; the slightest rise in interest rates or the slightest downturn in the market and its ‘to the wall’ for many. Howard disregarded IMF warnings regarding the housing market – he bears full responsibility for the future calamity, do not lose sight of the guilty party – John Winston Howard, racist and subverter of Australian values.

The best expression of civil unrest is to offer Howard to the International Criminal Court for his illegal involvement in Iraq and the subsequent deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. Do not be distracted from this course.

Heal Australia, jail Howard.

We are One.