8AM HOUR Sneering at Redemption: Why Arnold Killed Tookie Reporter: Leigh Ann Caldwell, Wakeup Call producerGUEST: Dave Zirin, sports commentator, author of What's My Name Fool, Sports and Resistance in the United States, and a weekly column at edgeofsports.com Transit Strike Update - What Will You Do? GUEST: Pete Donahue, transit reporter for the New York Daily NewsGUEST: Josh Friedstern, train operator New Orleans and Brazil, Samba and Funk GUEST: Blake Amos Download as MP3 || Listen Now! 7AM HOUR Iraqi Elections GUEST: Harb Mukhtar, Iraqi(Sunni), and Supports the National Dialogue PartyGUEST: Nijyar Shemdin, Kurdistan Regional Government USA Representative GUEST: David Enders, Journalist, in Jordon World Trade Organization Coverage II Special FSRN report Download as MP3 || Listen Now! 6AM HOUR World Trade Organization Coverage Special FSRN report NJ Report on Death Penalty Moratorium Reporter: Ruth NeustaderGUEST: Thomas Kelaher, Ocean County ProsecutorGUEST: Celeste Fitzgerald, the Director of New Jerseyians For An Alternative To The Death Penalty Dramatic Zinn Reading Reader: Sherry Joseph, Westside High School reads Sojourner Truth "Ain't I A Woman" Download as MP3 || Listen Now!