Eco folks! Don't speak to Bryan Denson of the Oregonian!
author: Eco-Friendly

Bryan Denson is a reporter from the Oregonian with a long history of feigning to care about environmentalism and activism in order to get to a story. Once he gains your trust he will misquote and slander you and suggest that you are a dangerous person in his articles.

Think that's bad? It gets worse. Hoping to make a mint off of hysteria over "eco-terrorism" Bryan started writing a book several years ago. During his "research" phase he set up a fake e-mail account called and started attempting to initiate contact with people he imagined had ties to the ELF. In the world of journalism that is considered to be an ethical no no, but Bryan isn't exactly an ethical person.

Over the years he has used people's trust as a way to get a sensationalist story written and then he pummels those same people in print. To the family, friends, and support teams of those recently arrested, PLEASE do yourself a favor and DO NOT TALK TO BRYAN DENSON OF THE OREGONIAN.