Check out my brother* Jay Smooth getting nice on the mic device**on his WBAI radio show, the Underground Railroad:

Rap lyricism:
I make it refract in a prism of African rhythm,
while your mind is trapped in a prison of capitalism..
Going back to one of my earlier posts, I would like to present this as an example of "hip hip-hop": Never letting anyone know that you could rhyme, waiting for the right moment (sometimes for years), then suddenly – when they least expect it - just killing it. Even on the MP3, you can hear what I can only describe as the delight of the other folks in the room. It's like little kids seeing a magic trick! I remember seeing Seattle’s DJ B-Mello do the same thing about ten years ago. People were in shock! He was also, to this day, the only person I’ve ever seen rhyme while holding the mic with both hands. It made the whole thing really intense.

*you didn’t know he was my brother? In the old country, our last name was "Schmoov", but they changed it at Ellis Island…
**I’m trying to bring back the golden era rap slang. Next up: "bozack" and "tenderoni"…