Reporting from Washington, D.C.

In my last report, "Why Blacks Are Disrespected", (Dec. 12th, '05) I uncovered
shady reasons why those in my racial group continue to back stab us.
The answer is pretty clear, they are all about money. Music mogul Sean "P.
Diddy" Combs shared the spotlight with Reverend Al "James Brown" Sharpton,
and D.C. City Councilman Vincent Gray.

The D.C. City Councilman for Ward 7 was justed elected last year, and now
is thinking about jumping the gun for a promotion to head the Council.
But Councilman Gray is basically, and will continue to be, the subject of a
thirty day story, since it is he who urges Blacks to be united with enemies
in our camp---D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams, respectively; ( Gray expressed
opposition in the January 2004 issue of the Washington Informer, being
against the recall effort against Williams in 2004. Gray was director of
Covenant House in Washington, D.C., and was a candidate for D.C. City
Councilman for Ward 7) And let's not forget Gray considering a run for
Chairman of the D.C. City Council, which will be announced in January.
Though again, prior to some Washington residents flirting with the
Councilman to "apply for the job', it was he who stated in the Washington
Post newspaper this past summer that, he didn't want to run for that office
"to racially polarize the District". But here we are, December 15th, 2005,
contesting this issue that will indeed keep racial tensions high in the
nation's capital. Already, D.C. City Councilwoman Kathleen Patterson
for Ward 3---a majority White section of Washington---has announced her
intentions to occupy the Office of Chairman. And that has some Blacks in
D.C. rattled. The Council is already made up of a majority of Whites.
But I have no problem with the make up. Every Black candidate who has
run for office in the District has always been against responcible citizens
owning handguns to defend themselves. Yet, there is always this fake
put on by these Councilmembers or candiates being against rising crime in
Washington. These kind of people have a sick sort of thinking that all the
people need is a paycheck to survive.

The District of Columbia is the same place people throughout
the U.S. send their hard earned tax money to keep D.C. Municiple
Government moving. But it is the same place where government buildings
and quality of life is going straight down a rusty toilet. D.C. law
requires D.C. elected officials to abide by the U.S. Constitution,
this also includes the 13th Amendment more than anything. That
provision to the Constitution prohibits slavery in the U.S., with no
exception to the nation's capital. Councilman Gray's suggestion that
Black's work with those against us in our race, then toying with the idea
by some in D.C., or wherever, to run for Counicl Chairman, is slavery
in it's purest form and a violation of the 13th Amendment.