Following what the Department of Justice calls a 9-year investigation, raids in four states arrested six activists accused of involvement with the Earth Liberation Front in a number of arsons in the late 90s and early 2000s.

DanielmcgowanDaniel McGowan, a prominent and well-liked Brooklyn activist is facing life in prison on a 16-count indictment. He claims total innocence, and denies membership in the ELF. McGowan was known to New York media as Jamie Moran, a pen name he used as a prominent activist working with RNC Not Welcome, a radical clearinghouse in the months leading up to the 2004 protests at the Republican National Convention.

McGowan's parents and siblings offered all the property the family owns, including several houses that serve as their primary residences, for a total bail package approaching $1 million. The judge denied bail for McGowan who is currently awaiting extradition to Eugene, Ore.

Jed Brandt reports from New York

More Radical, Less Extreme -- An argument by Jed Brandt from November 2003 against the tactics employed by the ELF.

McGowan's initial legal counsel Martin Stolar, head of the NYC National Lawyers Guild, speaks on WBAI about the stakes in the case. Stolar notes that the five-year lag between the arsons and these arrests means that there is likely no physical evidence, and that the charges are likely based on the mere accusation of informants. [Listen]

Article from MSM on use of informants in the case.

The anarchist blog Bombs and Shields has updated coverage of the case.