SP-NYC: We Support The TWU Local 100.

The Socialist Party of New York City strongly supports the right of transit
workers to free speech, free assembly and free labor.

We denounce, in the strongest possible terms, the Metropolitan Transportation
Agency's callous disregard of the safety and health of transit workers, as well
as their unending demands for for wage and benefit cutbacks. We are sickened by
the slave plantation politics of Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Pataki and Attorney
General Spitzer, who would fine union members from two days' wages up to a
quarter of a million dollars each for the nerve of refusing to work without a

As commuters, we recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of New
York's transit workers. As citizens, we voted in large numbers in favor of the
state's transportation bond act - expecting that some of the money we approved
would go to fair and equitable pay increases for the workers who keep New York
moving. As workers, we insist that if our brothers and sisters in TWU 100 go on
strike, then we too will not go to work, or if we do WE WILL WALK.

-- Socialist Party -USA, Greater New York City Local, December 15th, 2005.

IF there is an MTA Strike: Picket Locations
The TWU Local 100 has released a list of places for emergency actions to take place.
It's now midnight, and the strike has not been called. IF it is, here are locations you can go to show your support.
'Who can shut down Wall Street? We can!' -TWU Rally Chant.


Gunhill Depot: 1910 Bartow Avenue

Pelham Barn/Westchester Sq. Yard: Eastchester Rd. &
Water Street

Zerega CMF: 750 Zerega Avenue

180th Street Yard: 1151 East 180 Street

West Farms Depot: 1100 East 177th Street

Concourse Yard: 3119 Jerome Avenue

Jerome Yard: Jerome Ave. & Van Courtlandt Ave.

239th St. Barn: 4570 Furman Avenue

240th St. Barn: 5911 Broadway

Eastchester Depot: Interstate 95 at Exit 13

Yonkers Depot: 59 Babcock St.

Tiffany Iron: 1170 Oakpoint Avenue


East New York Depot/Shop: 1700 Bushwick Avenue

Flatbush Depot: Flatbush & Utica Ave.

Coney Island Yard: Avenue X & McDonald

Ulmer Park Depot: Cropsey Ave. & Bay

Jackie Gleason Depot: 871 Fifth Avenue

Pitkin Yard: 1434 Sutter Avenue

Livonia Shop: 824 Linwood Shop

Atlantic Ave/Bergen Street Shop: 1415 Bergen Street

Linden Shop: 1500 Linden Blvd.

Cozine: 50 Cozine Avenue


Fresh Pond Depot: 56-99 Fresh Pond Road

Jamaica Barn: 7815 Grand Central Parkway

Jamaica Depot: 114-15 Guy R. Brewer Blvd.

Corona Barn: 126-53 Willets Point Blvd.

Triboro Coach Depot: 8501 24th Avenue

College Point Depot: 128-15 28th Avenue

Maspeth CMF:

Woodside Electronic Shop: 33-33 54th Street


Kingsbridge Depot: 4065 10th Avenue

207th St. Yard: 3961 10 Avenue

Manhattanville Depot: 666 West 133rd St.

100th Street Depot: 1552 Lexington Avenue at 100th

Michael J. Quill Depot: 525 11th Avenue

West 53rd St Power/RCC: 53rd St. btw 8/9

126th Street Depot: 2460 Second Avenue