Clown Brigade Parking Ticket - 357K

Clown move fedex truck out of the bike lane

Clown move fedex truck out of the bike lane

Time's Up! Clown Bicycle Brigade bike ride
Saturday, December 17th at 2pm
Washington Square Park, near the arch

or 1pm meet at the Time's Up! space for clown props and makeup

The route will take us uptown on the Sixth Avenue bike lane to Herald Square and then down the Broadway & Fifth Avenue bike lanes back to Washington Square Park.

Time Out NY, in conjunction with Channel 4, has chosen the Clown Bike Brigade (BIKE LANE LIBERATION DAY) as one of the 7 best events of the weekend!


The Clown Brigade, made up of cyclists dressed like clowns, will defend the bike lanes and ticket motor vehicles parked, standing or stopped in Midtown bike lanes. The clowns will draw attention to what they believe the NYPD should be doing: enforcing laws that protect bicyclists, and in particular, ticketing motorists who violate Section 4-08(e), which explicitly prohibits stopping, standing and parking within, or otherwise obstructing, bike lanes.

With a possible transit strike around the corner, bike transportation is in the spotlight. Bike lanes are going to be important for all the new cyclists a strike would create. New Yorkers are going to have to pull together if there’s a transit strike, so it’s important for drivers to keep the bike lanes clear for all the commuters who are going to dust off their bicycles and ride to work, as well as for existing cyclists who face dangerous conditions everyday. Nothing can shame a driver into moving out of the bike lane more than a pack of cheerful clowns on bikes

The Clown Brigade hopes to help motorists realize that besides being illegal, blocking bike lanes is hazardous both to bicyclists and motorists. Cyclists are forced to swerve into traffic to avoid crashing into the obstructing vehicle– if they see it in time. Those cyclists then risk being struck and even killed by inattentive or aggressive drivers. The bottom line, the clowns point out, is that parking a vehicle in the bike lane makes transportation by bicycle dangerous, discouraging its use and encouraging more people to drive, further clogging our city’s streets, polluting our air, and taxing our country’s oil resources.


TIME'S UP! is a non-profit environmental group that has been uses educational outreach and direct action for the last 15 years to promote a more sustainable, less toxic city.