From ARTNET NEWS: COLLEGE ART ASSOCIATION SUPPORTS NYU STRIKEThe College Art Association has come out in solidarity with the striking Graduate Student Organizing Committee at New York University. The CAA's strongly worded statement on collective bargaining rights for graduate students, drafted by Yale University's Robert S. Slifkin and adopted by the organization's 13,000 members on Feb. 18, 2005, condemns the Bush Administration-controlled National Labor Relations Board decision that graduate students cannot legally organize (overturning a previous, Clinton-era ruling). The board is "woefully out of touch with contemporary academic reality," according to the CAA statement, in its view of "the academic world as somehow removed from the economic realm that labor law addresses." For further details, see GSOC has been on strike since Nov. 9, 2005, putting the group at the forefront of a national movement for educational accountability. As the committee of liberal faculty at NYU, Faculty Democracy, noted, most of the tactics that NYU president John Sexton has attempted to use to break the strike would be forbidden if grad students were legally recognized as a union.