Elections have become a nice tool of the occupiers to devide the Iraqi people and resistance and sort out the core of Iraqi collaborators best suited for the jobs under the colonial order. In the context of Iraq, voting is actually more a betrayal than just stupid or naive. How can there be any idea of elections when collective punishment, mass extermination and destruction is still the main mode of communication? Systematic use of deprivation and denial of access to food, water, medicine, massive bombing campaigns, use of death squadrons, imprisonment and torture.

Against any elections under US-occupation! Beware those opportunists, who just stand aside and weight their personal benefits while their fellow brothers and sisters are being slaughtered.

We don't know yet what damage the elections in Iraq do. How much legitimity among Iraqis can these criminals, which now take over positions of power or seats in parliament, get from these elections? Those who advocated and participated in the elections implicitly or explicitly accepted the political process designed and controlled by the occupation. Everywhere we find thieves and thugs willing to sell out in exchange for position and privilege for themselves or other mean motives.

The political process is not another front in the struggle against the occupation and recolonization of Iraq, like we are told by Iraqi politicians jockeying for position under occupation. Instead it is a tool of the occupation to weaken the resistance through divisions, democratic compromising and discourse, to achieve the pacification of resistance.

The simple but bitter truth of the Iraqi occupation is that the war must go on for the Iraqi people to have a chance to win. The only possible road to victory is to continue to refuse cooperation with and to inflict as much damage as possible to the occupation and its interests. To continue to increase the total net costs of maintaining the occupation.

The main issue is still the same as it was for the last 15 years already. Can the aggressors break the will of the the Iraqi people and society and force them into submission? The occupation is only the latest effort to achieve this goal, which the aggressors began to follow in earnest with the sanctions, blockade and embargo since 1990 and the aggression of 1991. Two million Iraqi people were since exterminated as collective punishment of a nation for its heroic resistance to foreign domination and re-colonization.

The resistance against occupation must continue to show that the Iraqi people still stand up, despite all the pain and terror being inflicted upon them by the occupiers. Denying cooperation with and sabotaging their efforts to build and organize, making it impossible to establish security and control order, and particularly, killing as many occupation troops and their Iraqi proxy units as possible.

The occupation forces will not leave until forced out by Iraqi resistance, driving costs of the occupation up. In order to succeed, the US will try everything to organize civil war and have Iraqis kill Iraqis. Terrorizing the Iraqi people into desperation and finally into submission is the only hope for the USA to prevent the embarrassment of a defeat which would have profound strategic implications far beyond Iraq and the Gulf region.