Reporting from Washington, D.C.

Before he became U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell as a retired
four star Army General wrote in his autobiography, 'My American

"Excellance is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude".

In 2002, Dorothy Brizill, head of a watchdog group, D.C. Watch, that claims
itself to be "a Good Government Watchdog", challenged the petition
signatures of the campaign of D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams. That effort
knocked the Mayor off the 2002 General Election ballot by the Elections
Board. But D.C. Watch could not keep the Mayor from winning re-election,
which was done by a write-in campaign. And in 2004, with all of it's
concern for issues in the nation's capital, D.C. Watch took no part in a recall
effort against Mayor Williams, which was led by long time civil rights
advocate, Barbara Lett Simmons. Sad to say, that recall campaign
intentionally failed with insiders within the Save Our City campaign
headquarters, stealing petitions to prevent a recall.

In searching the D.C. Watch website, at the table of contents located at
the bottom of the left hand corner, it mentions, "What Is D.C. Watch"?
Visiting this section, and following the information on the company,
there is a photo of Dorothy Brizill, with her biography. Then there is
another photograph, mistakenly showing the young face of Cary Grant,
which the owner, Ms. Brizill, says is "or identitical twin" of Gary Imhoff.
It discloses in Mr. Imhoff's bio that he is married to Dorothy Brizill, Vice
President and Webmaster at D.C. Watch. However, D.C. Watch should be
honest in it's company information. This causes a lack of faith from the
public, whom it was established for. There are some very very serious
issues in Washington, D.C. that urgently needs to be addressed and above
of all---corrected. But it is not getting done. In listing false information
on it's website, D.C. Watch clearly does not take these issues in
D.C. seriously. Even the wrong kind of photo, especially in this case
that needs to be factual, can mislead the public. This is why the troubles
are still going on in your nation's capital. Tax payers everywhere must
be concerned about this kind of shadiness that aides government and
corporate officials that mean the community no good.