The rebel cause, a bloodied fate,
Throughout the trials of history:
In stormy seas of love and hate
We fought and forged our destiny.
With blood and sweat we paid the fee.
Such tales of valor harpers told
Of we who bent to no decree.
Oh, where now lie our heroes bold?

When truth and Justice can not wait
Life puts responsibility
For keys to open wisdom's gate
Upon the soul of you and me.
In days of bondage we did see
That life cannot be bought nor sold;
And so was ended slavery.
Oh, where now lie our heroes bold?

The Governor took Satan's bait
It matters not if legally;
Enough with killing by the state!
I care not for Exhibit B -
No, burn them all right up to Z.
On this dark night, so bitter cold
As one man died, someday shall we.
Oh, where now lie our heroes bold?


So,speak up,Lordship,answer me.
Now Tookie's gone and it's too late.
Explain to children at my knee:
Oh, where now lie our heroes bold?

Author's Note: This poem was wrought with tears.
I feel ashamed of what the State of California
did this morning; I see it as comparable to the execution
of John Brown at Harper's Ferry,and I hope that future
generations will remember it in that light,
as a call to abolition.

(c) 2005 Geoffery Bard