Act of Treason
An Editorial
By Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

I stand here today, as I stand in the hall of our state assembly throughout the United States. I ask by what right George Walker Bush has the right to play with the lives of our children. He said and I quote “the Iraqi government has weapons of Mass destruction; the Iraqi Government had ties to the Elgaieda organization of Osama Bin Laden, yeah right ties my ass. George Walker Bush is a liar, a coward and a thief, on September 11, 2001 we were pearl harbored and lost two thousand and nine hundred people men, women, and children. This one act violates every precept of Quran. This war is chasing animals, criminals with and long the borders of Afghanistan. It is not in the Wheatfield’s and swamps and deserts, or Baghdad, or in tirkrit or any Iraq.

We suffered that day, a day we will never forget in New York, and Washington and in a tiny field in Ohio, it was a day pain and day of hero’s, and now they are joined by two thousand and seventy souls; warriors we should have never lost in a land we should have never been. Our hunt is the mountains of Afghanistan, along its borders; if you look at history sir, you that Afghanistan has always been a haven for Murders, child killers, murders of women and religious Zealots whose views differ from the emirs and clerics of Islam.

Bin laden has nothing to do with Islam or anything else godly in this world. But we too must deal with lies, deception, fear and mistrust from our leaders who should not be instilling fear in their own people. A true leader does not lie to his own people, lie to own Government and legislature; a true leader finishes fights he does not start them. A true leader makes sure that his people have food, has warmth, and has shelter from the storm. He cares when others do not, he builds hospitals, provides medical care. All this he does for he the protector of the People, he or she is neither right nor left, ultra religious; rights granted by the founders are irrevocable and may never be rescinded by any government, any leader. The deeds of President George Walker Bush have a lot to be looked at, lying to your people, denying shelter to your people, denying health care to your poor and low income, elderly and disabled. Denying food to those who can not afford, these crimes are acts of treason; when you find money for war yet cut programs and call it fiscal responsibility. I call it treason to treat the poor, low income, the sick and infirmed; the mentally ill to die or live in the streets in filth and squallier. A true leader has retraining centers, to retrain the displaced workers, he makes housing available on closed government installation; he does not cut food, medical care, shelter for his own people that is an act of treason.