AIDS and budgetary policy

AIDS and budgetary policy

It seems impossible that twenty years after were diagnosed the first cases, the reality insists on demonstrating to us that there is something very important that it has not been made well. Behind the great numbers a vast universe of pain hides, suffering, fear, marginalization, offenses and —whatsoever—, also of hope.

While here, in arrogant the first world, the pandemic tends to become an ailment of chronic character, in which —thanks to more and more efficient drugs the—, quality and life expectancy affected of the improvement considerably day to day, the macroeconomic, sociocultural and geostrategic imbalances are hung with special virulence over quines have the misfortune of to have been born in places traditionally submissive by the commercial interests of foreign powers, whose armies have better technological dowry.

In 2005 , the reach of the AIDS is planetary, but the rigor of the statistics demonstrates that their consequences are worse on the population pertaining to worked against zones or that they have been colonization object. Thus, good part of Asia , Africa and South America , where to the effects of the economic shortages, successive despotic governments and the low indices of alphabetization, we must add the influence of the doctrine of the Catholic Church , with its well-known genocida message, about the supposed existence of a Supreme Being who by a side would be the creator of the Human species —y with her, of its sexual nature—, and on the other hand, it would prohibit the adoption of measures of clinical hygiene in the sexual relations.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry in whose personnel formed brains abound in public universities --, imposes highest rates for rights by the use of patented chemical formulas, which prevents the access to these drugs on the part of the sanitary authorities of countries like Nigeria , South Africa , Somalia or Chad . As if the people who live in those places did not have family, neither friends, nor could cry, as if they did not suffer... as if they existed dead of second class.

At the same time, countries governed by psicópatas —as for example the United States of America—, destines a high percentage of their budget and a good number of human lives in organizing inexplicable opposite military campaigns to the Right Public International... human and material resources that could well be reversed in civil scientific research.

And here, in Spain , the apparatus of the State camouflages between in its budgets of investigation and development, games that in fact are destined to the purchase of material of military nature —as the payment of interests by the acquisition of fighters—, million euros in celebrating the fourth centenary of the first edition of a book are reversed. The capricious costosísimos of the numerous family of a chosen monarch to finger by a delinquent of the last century are paid. It is continued wasting the public money in stupid campaigns of publicity, that everybody knows that they are not another thing that partisan propaganda... while the little scientists which we have, lack average working with dignity at least.

The chance occurs of which in this 2005 , in Spain , for the first time in long time, the tendency to the loss in the appearance of new cases of infection has been reversed. And that is not demagoguery, are mathematical.

Therefore, on the basis of the most elementary common sense, it is absolutely essential that the present preparation of the General Budgets of the State is reviewed , in order to increase to the games destiandas to scientific research and campaigns of prevention and information.

1. - We needed more scientists, and less welding.

2. - We needed to invest more resources in information on prevention.

3. - We needed to legislate better the balance between humanitarian interest and benefits of the pharmaceutical industry.

4. - We needed to ilegalizar the organizations whom they try to prohibit the clinical hygiene in sex, to confiscate its goods and to destine them to education, culture and civil investigation.

5. - We needed to advise to the medical services of other countries, to spread to the knowledge and protocols of medical performance.

6. - We needed to reduce the external debt, because their results deuestran to be a genocide form, by mere economic interest.

7. - We needed to rationalize the public cost, to increase the measures of control, to equip with greater executive competitions the National Audit Office and to increase the transparency of the public accounts.

8. - We needed to reduce drastically or to suppress the army, and to destine its budget to education, culture and civil investigation.

9. - We needed to prohibit the manufacture of arms, to confiscate the goods of the armamentística industry and to destine them to education, culture and civil investigation.

10. - We needed that the investigation of biological weapons is catalogued like crime of lesa humanity, and nonsingle as a declaration of intentions but which has reflection in the penal ordering of all the countries, and global subsidiary competitions for the Penal Court the International , that in addition can act of office.

One of the preoccupations of the politicians who reach the top of their races, usually is the idea of its historical legacy. All wish to be remembered like great statesmen, thinkers... to appear in text books next to the story of great profits and feats. Well... the Vista of how they are the things right now... what will be able to be thought of them about the future?

Perhaps it seems an utopia, but the truth is that another world is possible.