The Upcoming Election Is an Extension and Continuation of the Same Political Route

December 15, 2005 was set to vote in a new national assembly and government to follow, after a period of provisional government which lasted for 11 months, who have represented a worst example of mismanagement, incompetence and an inadequate crisis management because of the failure of providing people with basic needs. What made it worse was that its agenda has inspired sectarian conflict rather than national reconciliation.

The rivals have resorted to the most vicious ways in their campaign. They liquidated their opponents. Their militias prevented other candidates from campaigning in the regions they control; they also began to flex their muscles in massive demonstrations that strengthened the feeling of insecurity. 

These groups have made every effort to get to power, however they never put forward any plan to end the current crisis. Many regions have declared a state of emergency, which means the absence of all sorts of freedom and normal life.

Having mentioned all those facts we view that this election aims to convince the people with the US policy who maintained the decrees enacted by the former regime.

Therefore we call upon the Iraqi people not to be deceived by those allegations and to boycott these elections.

FWCUI December 10, 2005

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