As WTO talks collapsed inside and outside the conference center in Hong Kong, the world saw once again the house of cards that neoliberalism really is. The State, in a typical knee-jerk response, dealt with protesters - who represented the real victims of neoliberalism and make nonsense out of the "anti-capitalism is for white teenagers" line of argument - in the only way it knows how to: force. Here is a collection of links to help you get a picture of what has been taking place:

*Target WTO: An essential source - contains a wealth of articles, media, links, etc.
*Global Indymedia article - Has a summary, timeline of Friday and Saturday, and a great deal of sub-links.
*'Protesters Try to Storm WTO Talks' (AP)
*Big Rally Marks Finale to Week of Anti-WTO Protests (IMCQC)
*Korean farmers take lemming-like plunge into Hong Kong harbour (The Guardian)
*Global Trade Riots Rock Hong Kong (The Observer)
*People's caravan aims for WTO and Hong Kong
*New Zealand: Migrant Workers Strike against Poverty Wages and WTO
*Hong Kongers hunger strike in support of Korean farmers against the WTO