Mumia Abu-Jamal writes: On Nov. 2, kids across the nation joined protests organized by The World Can't Wait, which called for walk-outs to support the demand for an end to the Bush Regime.

One of those who answered the call was a 10th grader named Geovany Serrano.  A student at L.A.'s Belmont High, Geovany passed out fliers, and tried to organize his fellow students to support the walkout. When administrators learned of the plan, they launched an attack on the youth, grabbing him, blasting him with pepper spray, and arresting him! He was hauled into the infamous Rampart Division police station, taken to Juvenile Hall and fingerprinted.

This 10th grader is now under house arrest, and has been forced to wear an ankle bracelet, simply for trying to organize his fellow students in opposition to the Bush Regime. Guess what *this* kid has learned about 'constitutional rights' of free speech, free association, and the rights to assemble and protest?

Despite these events, Geovany *has* learned some important lessons, ones which never would've fit a classroom. He wrote recently: "Look at the war in Iraq. There are jails where there are people that the government just wants to disappear. They have them there and are torturing them and putting them on leashes. They're bombing the sh-- out of people's houses..... When I first got into this it hit me so hard. It's hard to go back to living a regular day, knowing that there are people that are being killed and victimized by the system is so difficult. Is that the world I want? No, I don't want none of that." [read]