Despite Huge Surplus, MTA Insults Transit Workers With Token
Increases, Forcing Threat of Strike: A Building Bridges Exclusive
Roger Toussaint, Pres. of TWU with live feeds, interviews and
analysis from TWU rally.

Join Building Bridges for its special coverage of TWU's emergency
protest rally at Governor Pataki's Office. Despite a greater than
$1 billion budget surplus, the MTA has offered the TWU a 3% wage
increase tied to give backs in pension and health care for newly hired
workers.TWU is threatening a citywide transit strike Tuesday despite
the draconian Taylor Law outlawing public employee strikes. This action
would grind the City to a halt. Outraged by the MTA's paltry offer
which would hardly keep up with inflation and would sacrifice the next
generation of workers, unions and community supporters throughout the
city are joining TWU in solidarity. Many blame Governor Pataki's
national ambitions for the intransigence of MTA, over which he
holds sway.
"Tipping Point"? The Alito Nomination Looms & Building Bridges
Prepares Us for the Battle.

Building Bridges continues its four-part series preparing for the
confirmation hearings for Samuel Alito, the man President Bush wants to
serve on the Supreme Court of the United States. The hearings are
scheduled for January 9, 2006. If confirmed to the Supreme Court,
Alito would move the Court dramatically to the right. We'll hold our
own confirmation hearing, where leading experts submit evidence of
Alito's record of opposing the civil rights of woman, minorities,
workers and consumers. We'll oppose Bush's choice of Samuel Alito
for the Supreme Court and urge the Senate to reject it; to call upon
Senators to filibuster this nomination in order to defeat it. Will the
evidence we present sustain the verdict - you be the Judge!
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