Thanks to NYU Inc., we got the tip that New York Magazine has a small piece online about the Film School's "networking crisis" stemming from the graduate employee strike. For more details on the Cinematographer Guild's letter of solidarity, which effectively severed its relationship with the Film School until NYU recognizes GSOC, see our previous post. Here's what John Amman, the Guild's rep, had to say to New York : "We’re not doing this to punish the students. But not doing it would be the equivalent of crossing the graduate students’ picket lines,” which his group—many of whose members graduated from Tisch—feels obligated to support. “NYU is known as a progressive organization, which is why this is such a great shock. When they no longer recognize the graduate students, it’s caused us to rethink the definition of progressive.”We're with you on that one, Mr. Amman! It seems to us that NYU's union busting is not only not progressive, but utterly regressive. In solidarity.