Hundreds of TWU members and transit strike supports rallied outside of Gov Pataki's office yesterday to ask the governor to step in to avert a strike. However, the mood was one of defiance and determination; at 4:30pm yesterday, the strike felt imminent.

Fadila Mrkulic, a self-described janitor and 33-year memeber of SEIU 32BJ, came out in vigorous support of transit workers. "Every New Yorker should stand behind these people, it's not like they want to be millionaires...I'm ready to walk from Queens. These people need our help. I'm not afraid of walking."

Stanley Switalski, a member of the TWU also stood in the cold evening streets in support of the strike. "Right now, Pataki's gotta say, give them (what they want). " Switalski predicted that if there is a strike, "the losers going to be us, the Transit Authority and the people. "They're not afraid. They are ready to strike," he summed up.