(Radical) Child-Care Network forms in New York City! I usually dont post local announcements, but this one seems pretty relevant. A few friends of mine here in New York have been involved in getting this Child-Care support project going for a while and below is the official announcement for it! One of the things when we are talking about 'movement building' or 'this or that movement' to keep in mind is 'who are involved in these movements' and perhaps more importantly, 'who would be involved (or more involved)' if our movements were more accessible to people across the board? Anyway please pass this info along to folks, its a great project started by some really solid (young, radical) activists! ***Please Forward*** JOIN US! The NYC Childcare Collective is looking for Volunteers and Advisors! Poor and working class mothers of color are organizing throughout the NYC area to build a movement for collective liberation. As childcare volunteers, we are organizing to more effectively partner with these efforts. The NYC Childcare Collective is a group of folks who provide childcare on a one-off or ongoing basis to facilitate the participation of low-income mothers of color in the NYC area in building a movement. Groups that we have worked with in the past include Sista II Sista and the Bushwick Childcare Coop, the La Casita Project of Critical Resistance NYC, the Community Birthing Project, and Sisterfire, INCITE NYC. If you are interested in volunteering as a childcare provider or if you can serve as an advisor in building this collective, or if you are a member of a group that has one-off or ongoing childcare needs, please email childcarenyc@gmail.com . Volunteers, please address the following points in your email: 1. Name and contact info 2. Previous childcare experience 3. Availability in terms of time and location. 4. Language ability and fluency. 5. Communities that you work with. 6. Communities that you identify with. Thank you for your support! -NYC Childcare Collective