SAFETY FIRSTShut the Trains and Buses Down /Get the Picket Lines Up TWU Local 100 System Shut-down PlansDecember, 2005 If the MTA forces Local 100 out on strike, we will continue to put safety first. As always, local 100 members will meet our responsibility for the safety of our riders for the safety of all transit workers for the safe maintenance of the equipment we will use when the strike ends. Local 100 members shall make sure that the entire mass transit system is shut down safely and efficiently at the beginning of the strike. Then Local 100 members shall make sure that the system stays shut down for the duration of the strike. Local 100 members must document the safe shutdown to prevent any possible management sabotage and any attempts to blame transit workers for management misconduct or carelessness. Safe Shutdown Procedures If the Local 100 Executive Board declares a strike, all Local 100 members who do not have specific assignments from the Union will stop work at 12:01 AM on the appointed strike date. Please see the Strike Assignments memo for more instructions. MaBSTOA and TA Surface BUS OPERATORS AND MAINTAINENCE All buses scheduled to leave the depot after 12:01 a.m. are to remain in the house.All buses shall return to the depot after completing the nearest trip – whether this shall be immediately before or after 12:01 A.M.Passengers on the last trip must be taken to their destinations.No Passenger will be left stranded on a bus.Buses will return to the depot, DARK, on the return trip.All buses are to be secured at the depot against weather and vandalism.NO BUS IS TO BE ABANDONED ON THE STREET AFTER THE STRIKE BEGINS.SHIFTERS are to remain at work until all buses have been secured.ALL RECEIPTS are to be turned in to the depot by the Operator before leaving the depot.Keep careful records. Document everything.SAFETY CREWS for fire watch and heat will remain on duty as designated by the Strike Committee. LEADERSHIPThe Chairman of each depot plus one (1) Steward from Maintenance will be in charge of the depot.One (1) Steward from Operators and one (1) Steward from Maintenance will be in charge of the picket lines on each watch. STATIONSChain and lock each STATION TURNSTILE at 12:01 a.m. STAIRWAY GATES and HIGH GATES shall remain open to allow passengers to leave the system.Prepare BOOTH BANK, KEYS, BLOCK TICKETS, and all BOOTH PROPERTY and have it ready to be bagged when Supervision arrives. Witness Supervision DROP THESE BAGS. GET A RECEIPT for all you turn-in.REMAIN ON DUTY UNTIL PROPERLY RELIEVED BY A SUPERVISOR.The T.A. will be warned not to send additional reserves of tokens.COLLECTING AGENTS will Report to picket headquarters at their place of work on their regularly assigned tours of duty.Lock up all tools and equipment, all toilets, and elevator cars. CAR MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT (CED)ROAD CAR INSPECTORS on the job at 12:01 a.m. shall remain at work until the last car under their jurisdiction is safely secured. They should ride the last train into the terminal.ROAD CAR INSPECTORS at home terminals shall remain at work until all trains have been safely secured. Secure all trains in the open from weather and vandalism.SAFETY CREWS for the maintenance of heat and plant shall be designated.OVERHAUL AND MAINTENANCE SHOPS – ALL TITLES: Secure all tools, equipment and trains. Then all members report for picket duty outside of your location. LEADERSHIPThe Chairperson at each location is in charge of the location.Three Stewards and/or members shall be designated in charge on each tour. Picket lines shall be established at all entrances for personnel and trucks. MAINTENANCE OF WAY (MOW)ALL SIGNAL MAINTAINERS on the job at 12:01 a.m. will remain at work until the last train has passed their location. Signals should then be thrown on RED. A Signal Safety Crew will be designated.One (1) member in each quarters will be designated to be in charge.Members not otherwise assigned will report to the nearest strike headquarters.Members will not perform emergency services.POWER DEPARTMENTA team of three (3) members will be in charge in each borough – one on each watch. They will be located at Central Locations.EMERGENCY LIGHTING is to BE LEFT ON and power for drainage and ventilation in tunnels is to be maintained.Unassigned personnel will report to nearest strike headquarters for assignment. RAPID TRANSIT OPERATIONS (RTO)All scheduled runs up to 12:01 a.m. will be operated. All runs scheduled to leave a home terminal or other terminal up to and including 12:01 a.m. shall COMPLETE THE TRIP and then return to the home terminal DARK where the trains shall be laid up.All trains are to be secured properly in the yards and lay-up tracks before the crews go out on strike.SWITCHMEN AND TOWER OPERATORS scheduled to report at 12:00 a.m. (midnight), will do so and continue to cover their assignments until the last train under their jurisdiction has been safely laid up.In the event supervision attempts to re-route trains, crews will refuse to operate except on their regular schedule.TOWER OPERATORS should set all signals on red before leaving. LEADERSHIPONE TRAIN OPERATOR AND ONE CONDUCTOR shall be placed in full charge of each terminal; andONE TRAIN OPERATOR AND ONE CONDUCTOR shall be in charge on each tour. Their responsibilities include maintaining proper picket lines.