Finally, the TWU gave the go-ahead for a New York city-wide transit strike after weeks of fruitless treadmilling with the bosses of the MTA. Today, the transit workers shut down the public transportation lifeline of one of the most important centers of the capitalist system worldwide, New York City. This action shows the power of the organized working class to bring the entire capitalist system itself to a screeching halt through class solidarity of all working people everywhere in the world. A victory for the TWU will be a victory for working people EVERYWHERE; a defeat will be felt just as powerfully in the US and abroad. Working people must support the TWU strikers! Their fight is our fight!

Every time a strike takes place, the "democratic" mask is torn off the face of the capitalist class, and workers get to see, for a while, just how much the rich bosses of America hate the organized working class, and this strike is no exception to the rule. Vicious, anti-union propaganda spews forth from the bourgeois press like shit from an open sewer. The decision to strike is "a blatantly illegal act of economic sabotage by a union so selfish that it is willing to destroy one of the most important business weeks in the city in a last-ditch attempt to preserve privileges that most private sector employees can only dream of — like the ability to retire at age 55 with a full pension, or the ability to not to contribute at all to health insurance costs" belches the New York Sun. "NYC transit union calls a strike, ensuring chaos during morning rush hour" howls the Canadian Broadcasting Company.
"This is not only an affront to the concept of public service, it is a cowardly attempt by [Transport Workers Union President] Roger Toussaint and the TWU to bring the city to its knees to create leverage for their own bargaining position" wails billionaire NYC Mayor Bloomberg in Forbes magazine. "They have broken the trust of the people of New York," said Gov. George Pataki, in the New York Times. "They have not only endangered our city and state's economy, but they are also recklessly endangering the health and safety of each and every New Yorker." What a howling lie that is: the MTA has been running a subway system plagued with safety nightmares due to antique signal and switching hardware for EVER. The MTA shells out $8 million for renovations to the executive washrooms at their headquarters while refusing to spend money to upgrade the100-year old infrastructure of the subways... and it's the TRANSIT WORKERS being blamed for having a cavalier attitude towards safety issues? What a load of B.S.!

The transit workers are being asked to accept paltry wage increases that are actually pay CUTS disguised as raises. With the rising cost of living due to rampant speculation in oil futures on Wall St. driving up heating fuel and gasoline prices, this year's inflation rate is running, right now, at 3.39 percent, with no decline in sight. The MTA is offering a lousy pay package that includes "raises" of 3.0, 4.0 and 3.5 percent over the next 3 years, or 3.5 percent a year. Adding the MTA's demand that the workers start paying for their own health care benefits to the crappy "pay raises" the MTA's offering, you don't have to be a mathematician to see that these "raises" are as phony as a 3-dollar bill. Workers don't join unions to keep their heads barely above water, but to win healthy wage and benefit INCREASES with every contract, raises substantial enough to allow for a RISING standard of living. As TWU president Toussaint wrote: "with a one billion dollar surplus, a contract between the MTA and Transport Workers Union Local 100 should have been a no brainer." But with capitalism worldwide in terminal decline, the capitalist class wishes to force massive pay and benefit cuts down our throats every year, to increase their profits by driving the wages of workers in the industrialized countries down to the level of the brutally exploited workers in the Third World. This is the future for working people so long as we live under the capitalist system!

This afternoon it was announced that a pig judge in the black robes of an executioner, at the insistence of the fake "defender of the little guy" Attorney General Eliot "Strikebreaker" Spitzer and the MTA, issued court injunctions against the Transit Workers Union that will impose fines of $1 million dollars a day on the union! This is nothing less than a declaration of WAR against the working class in general, and particularly against the union movement. This conspiracy against the working class can and must be SMASHED through sympathy strikes to defend the TWU! If those fines are imposed, all the trade unions in the State of New York must be mobilized to SHUT DOWN THE STATE OF NEW YORK! WE MUST defend the TWU! If they start fining the TWU, we should respond by shutting down the airports! If they start fining individual TWU workers 2 days pay for every day of the strike, let's reply by calling out on strike all the State of New York AFSCME workers! Let's start by shutting down the State Capitol at Albany! We'll launch the mother of all strike actions and we won't stop until the worker-hating, union-busting, strike-breaking Taylor Law is no more! Smash the union-busting Taylor Law!

Ultimately, the working class can only put an end to the capitalists' constant drive to smash the unions and drive down wages and the workers standard of living by organizing a revolutionary labor party that fights to overthrow the capitalist system and replace it with an egalitarian socialist society where jobs, housing, education, health care and pensions are guaranteed to everyone. So the TWU strikers are attempting "to preserve privileges that most private sector employees can only dream of — like the ability to retire at age 55 with a full pension, or the ability to not to contribute at all to health insurance costs"? DAMN RIGHT THEY ARE! We don't just want those trifles either! We want FREE comprehensive, cradle-to-grave-healthcare for every single worker in the country, too! This was achieved in the USSR way back when. We're sick and tired of hearing that the filthy rich American capitalists like Bloomberg and his ilk "can't afford" a national health care system! Fine! If you won't give it to us, we'll just take it ourselves! Step aside and the working class will take power and we'll take it upon ourselves to get these simple, basic human needs taken care of! Why do we keep putting up with the flag-waving American capitalist class and their shills, like Bloomberg the Billionaire, anyway? Constantly poor-mouthing us while they live in the lap of luxury! They'd rather shoot down a million workers than give up a single one of their luxury yachts and limousines!

Oooh, another news report just came in: CBS radio news says that the transit workers strike in New York City could hurt Tiffany's holiday sales! Ooooooooooh! Poor, poor Tiffany's! As if we workers could ever afford to buy anything at Tiffany's! Tiffany's! Now THERE'S a critically necessary institution! IF you are a billionaire like Mike "Give Me the Money!" Bloomberg!

Workers of the World, Unite! To hell with capitalist cutbacks and misery, let's fight for a Workers Government!

"An injury to one is an injury to all!" "Picket Lines Mean: Do Not Cross!" Defend the TWU against the union-busting tactics of Eliot "Scabby" Spitzer, George "Givebacky" Pataki, and billionaire Mayor Mike "Take a hike across the Brooklyn Bridge" Bloomberg! VICTORY TO THE TWU STRIKERS! SMASH THE TAYLOR LAW!