Bike the strike! Now is the ideal time for you to demonstrate to NYC what Time's Up! Members have known all along... the best, funniest; fastest way to get around our city streets any time of year is by bike. Turn the transit strike into to a positive series of events to celebrate the bicycle! Ask your work building management to support indoor bike parking permanently, not just during the transit strike. Now get on your bike, and enjoy the fresh air, free ride, and exercise

From 8:00am - 9:00am Time’s Up! volunteers will be at the Manhattan side of the Manhattan bridge, giving out gloves and hats to keep new cyclists warm. They will also have bike pumps for filling up tires and oil for those rusty chains.

At 9:00am cyclists will meet at the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge to begin their bike-pool through the city. The route will take them up the 6th Avenue bicycle lane and will end at 59th Street & 6th Avenue, picking up and dropping off cyclists along the way.