One Scab and a Few Cowards

Local 100’s ranks have stood united and strong against the bosses’ and politicians attacks. The Private Lines workers from Triboro Coach and Jamaica Bus Lines in Queens were particularly inspirational in going out on strike a day ahead of the rest of us. But not all our leaders have been so courageous.

Shamefully, the first person to scab on our strike was TWU International President Michael O’Brien. No sooner had our E.B. voted to strike than he went to the media opposing it and calling the MTA’s outrageous “final offer” “real progress.” Refusing to defend us against the Taylor Law, he sent lawyers to court to condemn us and is now publicizing the courts’ injunctions against us.

Among E.B. members there have been no such acts of treason. However ten did vote against striking. This was a shocking act of cowardice in the face of the MTA’s attacks, and a particular betrayal of the Private Lines workers who had already been striking for a day. Among the votes against our strike were past O’Brien supporters like Bill Pelletier (TA Surface). Unlike O’Brien, after they had lost the vote they all pledged to be loyal supporters of the strike. That’s good. They should also condemn O’Brien’s treasonous scabbing.