Bush Says He's Above the Law: So Did King George!
Steven Black
Bush says he's above the law and that he will continue to break the law, with
impunity.  Bush believes he can do this because he believes that you are servile
sheep.  The fact is, he's right.  From what I've seen so far, you are
servile sheep, so get used to your rights being violated and while you're at it,
expect the situation to worsen as violations of privacy progress to outright
murder of U.S. citizens who disagree with the dictator.  Once a dictator
makes his dictatorial status known, the psychological barrier that held him back
is breached and he will go forward and do what he wants, including wiping out
everyone who disagrees with him.  This is what you should expect from
unchecked abusers of power.  Once they cross the line unimpeded, the sky is
the limit.  Slitting the throats of your loved ones is next.
Of course, if you weren't spineless servile sheep, you would be out in the
streets in open rebellion, you'd be refusing to work, you'd be burning down
government buildings, arming yourself, and fighting a revolution.  That,
however, won't happen because you're chicken-shit.  You're addicted to your
televisions, your cars, your fat stomachs, and your weekly pay check.  You
became useless peasants years ago, only you were too stuffed with junk-food and
dressed up too sharp in your sweatshop-produced clothes to realize it.  As
the slithering snake of fascism began strangling your freedom, you were too busy
watching televised virtual reality to see the real world around you transformed
into shit.
Instead of investing the energy required to regain you're freedom, you'll
just don your I-POD headphones, turn on some Rage Against The Machine and
convince yourself that just whispering "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell
me," to the beat makes you free.  You'll put on your black mask at the
next protest and imagine that you're at war with the state and then run when the
cops come to stop you and when the protest is over, the cops will still have
their guns and you will still have shit because you didn't have the guts to
redistribute the arms in the only way that would have worked.
Enjoy your grazing lands, Sheeple.  You get what you deserve. Today you
graze but tomorrow you'll be mutton.