If this talk of jail continues, several countermeasures can be taken. First of all, the targetted union leaders would do well to hole up out-of-state NOW, so it would take an interstate warrant to arrest them. This would create unflattering comparisons to Tom Delay's efforts to use the Homeland Security apparatus to arrest Texas legtislators to bring them back for a vote on his notorious racist redistricting package.

Second of all, efforts could be made to increase the pressure on key areas of the city such as Midtown and Wall Street. If Critical Mass bike rides hit the streets in MORNING rush-hour, with expendable junk bikes, police would be forced to either arrest bike commuters as well as protestors or let both go. Arresting bike commuters would elliminate one way of bypassing the effects of the tranist strike and could prove politically too expensive. NOT arresting Critical Mass, by comparison, would cause car commuting to tangle up even worse than now..

In DC(my home town), newspapers reported empty streets in the center of NY, with huge traffic jams at checkpoints set up to keep out cars with less than 4 occupants. If this state of affairs continues, striking at the checkpoints could be a way to set up the protests to maximize the effects of the strike and the solidarity actions.

In addition, protestors using drums could set up outside the homes of officials responsible for any attempts to collect fines or issue arrest warrants, pounding out a "headache" beat well into the night.

If the courts don't like the strike, they should order the city to settle with the union. NOBODY has the right to attempt to enslave transit workers with "take it or leave it" contracts consisting of pay cuts(after inflation) and shit benefits! I support the strikers in NY, I SHIT on this court, and I will support any similar strike in DC. When I was in NY for the RNC protests, I saw how the city likes to jail those who disagree with Mayor Bloomberg and had to fight every day to escape arrest. Now I see the same thugs and goons are gunning for the union folks, so I stand in full solidarity with them-FUCK YOU BLOOMBERG!