Ireland, Working Class Resistance #10 - Solidarity Appeal from Tehran Transport Workers Sacked for Union Organising
Dec 20, 2005

Organising efforts by the Syndicate of Workers Of Tehran and
Suburbs Bus Company in the Vahed Bus Company have resulted in
the dismissal of 17 union activists.
The union is calling for solidarity in the face of what it describes as the
company's extremely harsh reaction to the workers organising
efforts. As well as the dismissals many have been harassed and have
undergone interrogations at the hands of the Company's security
The Syndicate is under extreme pressure from the Employer and the
government-sponsored Workers House and the Islamic Labour
Council to back down on its demand for recognition.
The sacked workers are also facing great financial difficulties and as a
result, the union has launched a broad and public fundraising
The Syndicate is urging all concerned individuals and labour and
progressive organisations around the world to pressure the Iranian
government and the Tehran and Suburbs Public Transportation
Company, demanding the immediate reinstatement of all fired labour
activists. The Syndicate has also called for financial donations in order
to support the sacked workers and their families, many of whom are
tenants without any other source of income. In particular, the
Company, which is one of the largest employers in Iran with over
17,000 employees, must be pressured to:

1. Immediately reinstate all fired workers.
2. End the intimidation and harassment of workers and labour activists
in the company.
3. Recognise the newly elected independent union, and remove the
company-selected, government-sponsored Islamic Labour Council.
4. Negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with the workers'
union and recognise the right to strike.


Donations can be sent to:

International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran
P.O. Box 1164, Station Q
Toronto, Ontario
M4T 2P4

Please indicate that the money is intended for the "Tehran
Transportation Workers' Fund"?.

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