The World Can’t Wait- Drive Out the Bush Regime!
Bush Step Down and Take Your Whole Program with You

It will take an organized movement of millions, determined to stop this whole disastrous course, to drive out the Bush regime. Join this growing movement in our next step-the agenda for 2006 must not be set by Bush but by the people taking independent mass political action

Just Announced:
Drown out Bush’s State of the Union Address- Jan.31st-Local Convergences around the Country. In large cities and small towns all across the country -At 9pm EST - just as Bush starts to speak we will bring on the noise and politically drown out his address

National Mobilization in Washington D.C- Sat .February 4th- To deliver the people's verdict on Bush’s criminal regime - "Bush Step down and take your program with you!"

Youth from around the country will be coming into Washington D.C and N.Y.C during their Winter Break to mobilize for these monumental protests at the end of January and the beginning of February. Jan.2nd, will be an all day opening orientation for Volunteers which will feature panels, workshops and speakers who will powerfully get into Why the Bush Regime needs to be driven from office, the need to make Bush Step Down be responded to by every force in society the night of the State of the Union Address and the real decisive impact volunteers will make in this effort.

The moment is ripe with potential and volunteers are urgently needed to come into NYC and D.C this winter break.

- Volunteers will be fielding and leading the big questions and tasks, playing a crucial role in the NYC -based National Office and organizing buses to go to D.C for the National Convergence Feb. 4th

- Be part of door-to-door campaigns, speaking in classrooms, massive citywide postering efforts, inspiring speaking events with prominent signers of the World Can’t Wait Call and in the heart of D.C to mobilize against the Supreme Court Nominations of theocrat Samuel Alito.

This is only sketch of how volunteers will be a catalyst and backbone to mobilizing for the State of the Union Protests and act on your outrage for Bush to be part of this historic movement.

In addition this effort will require volunteers with skills in the following:

We Need:
-Writers and photographers to update a blog centered on the Student and
Youth organizing campaign in D.C. Everyday the blog will be updated with news and announcements from our volunteers.
-Graphic Designers for the web and posters/flyers.
-Press Work. Volunteers who can write press releases, contact the media and place ads in publications and online.
-Volunteers in the D.C office phone banking and emailing people we meet ecstatic about hearing this movement exists and volunteering to be part of changing the course of history.
-Filmmakers and video artists covering volunteers building for these historic protests.

If you are ready to volunteer...

Email your plans and questions to or call

Check for updated news and information for volunteers.