TWU Leaders Threatened with Jail for Defying Taylor Law! Defend the TWU!

This evening, the bourgeois media is carrying reports that a judge is demanding, like a monarch of old, that the leaders of the TWU be brought to him on their knees and made to call off their struggle on behalf of workers rights in the United States. This arrogant pig judge thinks that he can treat working-class leaders as if they were peasants caught hunting on the King's private hunting grounds! The entire labor movement must mobilize RIGHT NOW to make it clear to Governor Pataki, Attorney General Spitzer, Mayor Bloomberg and the entire US capitalist class that if they so much as lay a hand on the TWU leaders, the entire organized working class of New York State will go on strike immediately! If they dare to impose their union busting plans on the TWU, let's shut this mother right down and impose financial losses on the bosses so severe that they won't even be able to believe it! Smash the capitalist conspiracy against the TWU!

All day long, the mouthpieces of the capitalist ruling class, their bourgeois press, has been braying about the severe penalties that will be imposed on the TWU leadership and their members if they continue to stand up to the slave-making Taylor Law and its scary, scary injunctions. All the New York newspapers, radio and TV stations have come out against the strike - they have called the TWU workers -- the people who bust their butts to carry 3 million people safely across the city every day by bus, subway and commuter rail - "RATS" - NY Post; "THUGS" - Mayor Bloomberg; and even "Transit Pigs" - Forbes Magazine!

This foul tide of slander against and vicious abuse of our working-class brothers and sisters must never be forgotten! This is just exactly what the racist, filthy rich capitalist ruling class of the United States thinks of the working people of the US! To them, we are all scum to be jailed if we won't work for whatever wages and working conditions they wish to force upon us! And if any of us dare to stand up for our basic right to refuse to labor under conditions we find objectionable, and to fight back against their racist, union-busting attacks, they say, with one voice: SEND THESE "PIGS" TO JAIL!

Let every worker burn these headlines, these news reports, this vile slander of our heroic brothers and sisters in the TWU into his and her memory!

Right now, the threat of being suddenly thrown into jail is being held over the TWU leaders' heads. This is a time for rock-solid union solidarity throughout the US. The TWU members themselves must immediately elect strike committees that can continue the strike in the event that the capitalist courts and cops try to behead the union by jailing its leadership. All trade union leaders and all working people must prepare to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to defend the TWU! The capitalist class has declared war on our brothers and sisters, and on all of us: they call us "pigs" and "thugs" and prepare to jail our leaders and bankrupt our unions through massive fines! We must not stand by and watch this happen!

As if the united efforts of the capitalist press, the capitalist state, it's courts and cops weren't putting enough pressure on the TWU, the head of the Transport Workers Union "International", Mike O'Brien, issued the following stab-in-the-back to TWU 100: ""TWU (International) hereby notifies all members of Local 100 of their obligation under the December 13, 2005 preliminary injunctions and the December 20, 2005 temporary restraining orders issued by the New York Supreme Court to cease any and all strike or strike-related activities and to report to work at their regularly assigned work hours and work locations." Can you believe this asshole? This order by the working-class-traitor O'Brien shows how low the pro-capitalist union misleadership will go in order to prove to their capitalist masters that they are loyal to the bosses and their decrepit capitalist system!
This guy O'Brien is the new poster child for sellout "business unionism" and the "alliance of labor and capital", an alliance that is 100% responsible for the fact that real wages of US workers have steadily declined since 1965, an alliance based on a class-collaborationist philosophy that has been responsible for every lost strike in the last 30 years! The interests of labor and capital are diametrically opposed and can never be reconciled! I'll say it again: THE INTERESTS of LABOR and CAPITAL are DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED and CAN NEVER BE RECONCILED! Anyone who can not understand this law of class relations in capitalist society should not be allowed to become a working-class leader! Nor should they be allowed to drive a car or operate a toaster without adult supervision!

O'Brien should be told to shove his strikebreaking "order" where the monkey put the peanuts! This traitor to his own union, and to the working class generally, should be given his walking papers IMMEDIATELY! Let him offer his services directly to the capitalists: workers have no use for "leaders" like him! Mike O'Brien has shown which side of the picket line he's walking on: the side of the capitalists, their cops and their strikebreaking judges! Throw his class-traitor ass out of the TWU!

ALL the leaders of the unions in New York State and throughout the country must stand fully behind the TWU. If a judge demands that the TWU leaders be brought to court, all the trade union leaders in New York City must accompany the TWU leaders to court, pack that courtroom, and make it crystal clear to that judge that if the courts of the State of New York so much as lay a hand on the TWU members or leaders, then a strike of all unionized workers in New York will be the immediate result! Any attempt to impose fines or to attack the TWU in any way must be met with the broadest possible sympathy strike action. The political careers of these strikebreakers like Bloomberg, Weld, Spitzer and Pataki can be made to end right here!

Battles like this will have to be fought continually until the workers of the US unite to form revolutionary workers parties that put an end to the rapacious capitalist system through socialist revolution. Why should we, who make up the vast majority of the population, and who create all the wealth of this society through our labor, stand by and let the capitalists rob us and drive us deeper and deeper into poverty? Why should we allow these filthy rich, arrogant capitalist pigs to use their massive press assets to slander and heap insults upon our working class brothers and sisters? We must join together and put an end to this racist capitalist system once and for all, which openly promises us nothing but a future of a declining standard of living so long as we are phisically able to work, and lives in utter poverty once we are too old to be able to work at all!

A United Socialist States of America would be nothing like Stalinist Russia, where political power was usurped from the working people by a bureaucratic caste that kept all the best products of the USSR for themselves and let the workers have the rest. In our advanced industrialized country we would begin the revolution on a far higher level of development than did the heroic workers of Russia in 1917. On top of that, unlike 1917 Russia, which emerged, under the leadership of the great Bolshevik leaders Lenin and Trotsky, from the horribly backward system of Czarist absolutism, we would be building socialism in a society where workers have a long tradition of political activity and (relative) freedom of speech and assembly. Our path to an egalitarian socialist society where food, housing, education, and health care for all would be guaranteed would be far easier than the task that faced the Bolsheviks in 1917.

We'll start on this road soon enough; first, we have to smash the capitalists' conspiracy against the TWU in New York City. Victory to the TWU! Smash the Union-Busting Taylor Law! TWU members: Elect strike committees right away in order to provide an effective continuity of strike leadership in case your union leaders are thrown in jail! All trade union workers: prepare to join and extend the strike in the event of the arrest of the TWU leaders! All Workers Must Stand in Defense of the TWU! Strike Big to Win Big!

And, as always:

Workers of the World, Unite!