Supposedly liberal state Attorney General Elliot Spitzer is participating in the draconian prosecution of the transit workers. He's also about to run for governor, counting on a progressive base for his win. Tell him he can't do both!

Here is his campaign office:

T. 212-529-2006 | F. 212-979-2607 | Email.
330 Madison Ave, 19th Floor, New York, NY 10017

Here is his NY State Attorney General's office:

Manhattan : (212) 416-8000
Albany: (518) 474-7330

Also: Writing to the corporate media is usually futile, but NY1, due to its local focus, may be more responsive. They have a special email set up for comments on the strike and read some submissions on the air. The email is

They also claim website visitors can vote on which stories to cover most. The ballot is here (but only operational between 9am and 9pm):