The most important US labor battle of 2005 is taking place. Right here. Right now.

Despite a brutal onslaught from our billionaire mayor and the major media, the transit workers still enjoy a surprising level of public support. But they need to see that support,. So do the millions in the New York area who want them to get a good contract, but also want to get the strike over.

There are more things than you might think that supporters can do--and are already doing--to put our collective thumb on the scale, on the workers' side. Please sign onto the new "strike support practical logistics" list, hosted by Todd Eaton of NYPROTEST listings, Dennis O'Neil of NY Metro Area Postal Union and Carlos R. of Movimiento Socialista de Trabajadores/NY Section.

The list is simple, it is practical and it is temporary. NO article forwards. NO opinion posts. NO off-topic posts. Nothing except concrete material on *how to support the strikers* allowed. Period. This will be strictly enforced.

To subscribe, click . Remember to reply to the resulting confirmation message.

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Please forward widely and thanks,

--Todd & Dennis