Support the TWU

Stand in Solidarity with the Transit Worker Strike!

Thursday, December 22
4-6 pm
Assemble on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge

Join us to stand with the TWU workers.

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We stand in soldarity with the transit workers because we know that this strike represents us too.

For too long the corporate bankers and the government officials that go along with them have been robbing poor and working class people. Join us Thursday to stand with the brave working people of the TWU who have stood up to the corrupt MTA and the billionaire Bloomberg. Bring signs, placards, noise makers, and let's show the TWU that the people of New York are behind them.

How you can help:

1) Call to find local organizing centers where you can pick up flyers, stickers, etc.: 212.633.6646

2) Download leaflets

3) Endorse

4) Call Governor Pataki - The TWU is asking supporters to call the MTA (212-878-7274) and Governor Pataki (518-474-7516) - The MTA and the Governor forced the transit strike; it 's time for them to stop it by giving the workers a fair contract.