We know how hard things are for New Yorkers. It’s hard to get around New York when the trains and buses aren’t rolling. It’s hard for us and our families too.

We are losing wages, and the Mayor wants every transit worker to pay fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Easy for a billionaire. But we’re working people like you.

So why is the strike still on? Ask the MTA and Governor Pataki. They are the ones who shut down New York’s lifeline. They came in at the last minute with a take-it-or-leave-it 10 year 4% pay cut for all future hires.

They risked your livelihood and the whole NYC economy over a proposal that top legislators in both parties say is illegal. (Times, Dec. 20)

It’s up to the Governor and the MTA to get things rolling. Call them. Tell them to Stop it. We need real leadership to get the buses and trains rolling again.

MTA - 212-878-7274

Governor Pataki - 518-474-7516