News media reports that an agreement has been reached to end the TWU strike should be taken with a pound of salt. The "impartial mediator" trick is an old ruse which is employed by the bosses government to put even more pressure on the union to end the strike before the MTA makes any real committment to accept the union's demands. Until a contract is signed AND RATIFIED BY THE UNION MEMBERSHIP, there should be no end to the strike!

The news media wants people to believe that all the pressure is on the TWU to settle when this is just a lie created by the pro-capitalist bourgeois press. The TWU strike has been 100% effective in shutting down the NYC transit system. Toussaint and the TWU are in the drivers seat. Bloomberg and Pataki are the ones who are under the gun to end the strike so that big business can get back to the work of ripping off customers again. The threat of jail and fines still hangs over the heads of the TWU and its members. NO SETTLEMENT SHOULD BE REACHED UNTIL THOSE FINES ARE RESCINDED! Until the MTA and the State of New York put down on paper that they have rescinded the fines, there shouldn't even be any negotiations! That would be step one. This mediator hasn't made any concessions to the TWU that I'm aware of, so there's no reason to end the strike. If the TWU hangs tough for the next 48 hours, it is likely that Bloomberg and Pataki will fold up like accordions, as the bourgeoisie simply can't afford to lose another billion dollars this weekend. Ending the strike before a contract is SIGNED AND RATIFIED that gives the TWU EVERYTHING IT ASKED FOR would be a gross betrayal of the transit workers. The mediator just wants to con the TWU into ending the strike NOW without settling any of the disputed issues that precipitated the strike in the first place!

No signed, ratified contract, no work!

Victory to the TWU!

Workers of the World, Unite!