Winners and Losers


The rank and file of TWU Local 100 is a definite winner. From the looks of it and I may, like Jed Brandt, eat my shoes, but I think the TWU has beat back the pension proposal by the MTA. The also shut down the largest city in the US and showed the strength that workers have. It was a lesson to workers and also to the bosses as to who runs this city.

Without tooting our own horn, Indymedia is a winner. The NYPost has a picture of TWU Local 100 President Roger Toussaint, a black man, on its cover with jail bars imposed over his image. Disgusting, racist and everything you can expect from those creeps. Those journalist give everyone a bad name. The liberal NYTimes and NPR (Brian Leher) poured out their tears to every controller at publishing houses, attorneys, accountants, and managers who had to get up early to get to work or had to walk in the cold. They did their best to pit worker against worker.

But Indymedia had up to date coverage and analysis of the strike, and did their jobs--which is to cut through the corporate distortion of working class people and resistance movements.

The working class is a winner, even if they weren't all for the strike. This strike puts bosses on notice. This strike gives hope and swagger to unions, who are used to getting put through the wringer.


MTA, Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Pataki. The MTA tried to frame this strike as greedy union workers holding everyone else hostage. Just a cursory look at the MTA's finances prove this to be hogwash. The MTA has a billion dollar surplus, three billion coming in voter approved transportation spending and no doubt, more fare increases--which they will blame on the union.

Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Redder than thou Governor George Pataki looked a bit weak I must say. Bloomie got to huff and puff, but in the end he couldn't blow the brick house of the TWU down. Bloomie also put on his bomber jacket to tred defiantly across the Brooklyn bridge just like tired old Ed Koch. However he looked more like a cold, bothered boss than proud fighter pilot.

Pataki fled from the scene. Where is Pataki? Bloomie is stepping in and Pataki is stepping out just like any national politician when the going gets rough. Pataki didn't gain anything from this and the white racist in the Republican Party will still be wary of a Northeastern from New York, who is really a semi-conservative, mildly influential bore.

Lastly, I want to say that atleast two names should placed on lists to be posted in every union hall in America under the title, "SCABS."

1.TWU International President Michael O'Brien--for stabbing Local 100 in the back and abandoning any labor principle that he MAY have had. O'Brien is a scab on Local 100. He is a disgrace to every union member in this country. When the going got tough and his dues paying members who ready to stand up for what was right and send a message to bosses all over the country, this scab rolled over and showed his yellow belly. Its time for Local 100 to leave the international union or to oust O'Brien.

2.Former Teamster local president and now MTA board member Barry Feinstein. Though he hasn't been as vile in his speech as others, he switched from union to management and does management's bidding. He is a class traitor.