Hopelessness has arrived
An editorial
Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

Hopelessness in America has arrived the GOP has shown it’s true colors and its right wing attitude toward the poor, low income working class, the disabled and the mentally ill. Vice President Cheney showed his true colors by voting for it. I would say that they are about to bring a fire storm upon themselves come November 2006. I call on every man and women to cast their votes in November to throw the GOP to the curve all two hundred of them and a good majority of them in the Senate. My last article showed my anger toward the right wing conservative’s scum of the Republican Party and the religious zealots who support them and their carpet bag government of corruption. I called the FBI office in Boston to ask how a citizen could file charges, well here the message you’re the investigators, not me, the charges are charge the investigation is in the doj’s court. He committed perjury to both houses of legislature, he committed violation of the church and state act; a president is by law must be impartial and may never use religion to make his decisions; he and his designee perjured themselves to the world body, and the security council of the United Nation’s; that he did also by his designee perjured themselves to the defense ministers of Nato. But folks sadly the FBI works for him, so finding proof of misconduct isn’t going to happen. I am not separatist or a cook I am just an American, and am watching my country torn apart by partisan politics, and the Potomac two step, I have the right to voice my anger; it called the constitution, the bill of rights and the declaration of Independence. I am an activist when I see wrong. You know are budget is gone of the planet, because of the pork barrel bill run down our throats.
If you look at history the Republican Right robbed social security to pay for their weapons and systems we actually don’t need, pay for their pet projects President Clinton tried to get a line item veto, but the republicans would not allow it. They deny civil rights to American citizen because of whom they choose to love, be they gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender. I grant you this we are a subculture by we are a culture and have been on the earth a millennium, I was special ed kid and I saw the horrible torture of mind of kids who did nothing to the chosen one, they were hated for being who they are, because they did not meet the standards of the chosen few. I saw in History in Germany who thought they were the chosen few, they murdered six million Jews, a million clergy and intellectuals who opposed them, an another million and half died because they were mentally challenged or special people who were born with dawn syndrome. It reached a million and half because from 1933 to 1945 fifteen years they had the Nazi, another million were outcast and members of the LGBT community why because they didn’t meet the criteria of Arrayians. All I can say now “is come bitter rain and wash away the saddest of all words home” utempra poetress story of my exile