: Why New York City Communities Stand in Solidarity with Transit Workers :.

* This is a struggle between the working people of New York City, who are majority people of color, and Pataki and Bloomberg who are protecting corporate profits at the expense of our basic rights.
* The MTA, Pataki and Bloomberg's failing to negotiate in good faith with TWU Local 100 is in accordance with broader attempts on the part of the government to roll back social services and the quality of life for working people and communities of color.
* The media's portrayal of TWU Local 100’s members and leaders is a clear attempt to racially divide the people of New York.
* New York City communities of color and working people will not be divided; the struggle of the transit workers is our struggle. TWU Local 100 is fighting for our basic rights as workers for benefits and to strike, and they are our brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends.
* New York City communities of color and working people wholeheartedly support and commend the members of TWU Local 100 for standing up for justice and the future of labor in New York City.