Who is Nicholas Powers and why does NY Indymedia give prominent space in the otherwise useful December 05 print publication Indypendent for his pompous meanderings on the question who is Cindy Sheehan.

On second thoughts I don’t want to know anything more about Powers as the drivel he wrote about Sheehan is sufficient to position him as just one more boring, arrogant, misdirected, half-educated half-wit setting himself up as a commentator on social movements he does not fully comprehend.

They are a dime a dozen and the world would be a better place if their friends (if they have any) told them to button-it asshole or contribute something constructive.

Power’s piece entitled Antigone (a Greek female name pronounced an-tig-on-e) Now, exposes him as a literary poseur, faux classical scholar and merchant of psychobabble.

Witness “the names have changed but the need to have meaning for one’s life is the same” and “he (Casey Sheehan) is the wind and dust she breathes while speaking” and “she exploits her own grief to avoid the real target of her rage” (again Casey).

Not only is Powers’ piece chock full of meaningless platitudes it is cruelly offensive to a truly remarkable activist in the most important social movement in a generation.

As someone who has had the honor of personally meeting Ms Sheehan a couple of times on her recent European tour, I challenge Powers to say that her sincerity is “assumed” in the physical presence as one such as me. Power’s ad hominen abuse of Sheehan – “her high nasal voice” and “homeliness is part of her media appeal” is actually typical of right wing middle-brow would-be populist commentators.

Central to Powers’piece is bullshit about the “public male sphere and the private female domain”. Anyone who listened or read what Sheehan says knows that the woman has given up having a private “domain” in her efforts to help rescue her country from the insane course on which, to the greatest alarm to most world citizens, it is currently hurtling

Power’s piece ends with the warning that “it’s dangerous to love the dead” and that “it’s up to us who love the living to speak with them” (lovers of the dead). Well, it’s not dangerous to love the dead. In fact human society is founded on such sentiment which is indeed something that gives life real meaning. And Powers’ piece purports to speak to Sheehan but says zero useful or insightful.

Shame on Indymedia for publishing such gossipy observations! Rather than Cindy being uselessly middle class as Powers implied, that accusation can now be leveled at you guys!