From Indybay: There have been a number of developments in the cases of the eco-defense defendants who were arrested earlier this month and who face the holidays in prison cells. Daniel McGowan [RF: known in to New York media as "Jamie Moran"] was denied bail based on a conversation that was recorded without his consent.  The co-defendant in the charges that he faces is apparently an informant.  Bill Rodgers was found dead in an apparent suicide in his cell in Arizona, in spite of the strong support that he had received from his community.  A former Animal Liberation Front prisoner has received a subpoena for a grand jury hearing. {read]


Just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean nobody is watching.

There is growing concern among activists in ecological and direct action movements because of the use of informants and snitches in the case. McGowan's attorney noted to WBAI WakeUp Call that considering the case is over 5 years old, the chance of physical evidence is slight. Here's an update on McGowan's case from an independent reporter who attended his Eugene hearing.

The massive police deployment of undercover DTs in NYC has long been known to activists. Recently the NY Times did a major story on it (largely based on footage from Democracy Now). Over the next few days Red Flags will feature a breakdown of this unfolding (ersatz) scandal. In the meantime, check out the Times video footage of NYPD Infiltration of Protests (or if you're on dial-up, here's the article.)