Watertown, South Dakota - Codington County, South Dakota State's Attorney Vince Foley is attempting to file new charges against Peter Young in connection with a 1997 Animal Liberation Front raid on the Turbak Mink Ranch . The raid was part of string of actions that spanned three different Midwestern states. One of the problems is that Peter already faced federal charges for those raids and plead guilty this past August. As part of a plea agreement he was sentenced to two years in federal prison and ordered to pay $254,840 in restitution to the farmers (something he has vowed never to do.)

Foley admitted that there is a concern that South Dakota may not be able to prosecute Peter on the state charges of third degree burglary, intentional damage to property and animal enterprise trespass, because it could be considered "double jeopardy." There is also the challenge of convincing federal authorities to allow Peter to be extradited and transferred over to South Dakota Sate authorities. He explained that South Dakota is filing these charges because it feels "that the federal charges don't fit the severity of [the crime.]" Approximately 8,000 mink were liberated from five separate farms, two of which closed permanently following the actions.

Peter is rumoured to be the mysterious camera shy author, also known as "Mack", of the underground travel-crime memoir Evasion, published by CrimethInc. When asked about the allegation in a recent interview Peter only said that it is "an interesting theory." The book which is dedicated to “every animal tortured, mutilated, and murdered today in every slaughterhouse, laboratory, fur and factory farm,” chronicles the adventures of a young man who travels around the country by hitchhiking and freight trains, squatting, shoplifting, scamming, and dumpster-diving food.