Time's Up! Outreach Meeting
Tuesday, December 27th
7pm at the Time's Up! Space
(49 East Houston Street Storefront bxn Mott and Mulberry)

Come to the Outreach Meeting- Help get the truth out about
non-polluting transportation. Time's-Up! has been receiving a lot of
press attention and we're looking for volunteers to work on
press-related issues, mailing press lists, etc. Press relations, the
Memorial Ride, and a Valentine's Fundraiser will be on the agenda.

We specifically need:
**Volunteers to help fax over press releases and media alerts to the
press. This is usually needed to be done with short notice and within
1-2 days

**We also could use people to update our current press list & event
listing sources, which involved going on-line for press contact
information and instruction for posting events

**Somebody going through all the coverage we received in the press and
updated our list with the publication and name(s) of writers.

**If you have web experience we would like to update our press page on
the Time's Up! website with links to articles where Time's Up! was

**If you have experience working on press for a non-profit
organization but can't make the meeting please respond to the email
with your contact information and Barbara (Outreach Coordinator) will
give you a call.


Tuesday, December 27th
8pm at the Time's Up! Space
(after the Outreach Meeting)

Shoot video and make a difference. This last year, collective video
gathering has helped not only in the courtroom and for documentaries,
but also has been instrumental for the press as well. (Check out the
article on NYPD Surveillance from the New York Times on Thursday if
you need some proof!)

Video teams will be out in force at the next Critical Mass bike ride.
We need more cameras filming the mass. Come to the meeting and see how
you can help.
If you have camera or editing experience, we really need your help to
expose the undercover agitators and to document the positive aspects
of actions which focus on non-polluting transportation.