I have addressed my concerns about the Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan case to the headquarters of one such candidate.

His staff promptly responded with several questions.

My answers follow….

"As per your request....

1.) The Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan case is important because:

a.) The leak of Noor Khan's identity compromised the real security of the United States and our allies.

b.) It abruptly and prematurely aborted a joint intelligence operation involving the United States, the United Kingdom and Pakistan.

c.) It may have discredited the United States in the eyes of those two governments (and others watching around the world).

d.) It 'caused the British to have to swoop down on the London al-Qaeda cell to which he was speaking. As it was, five of them heard about Khan's arrest and immediately fled. The British got 13, but it was early in their investigation and they had to let five go or charge them with minor offenses (such as immigration irregularities).' [Dr. Juan Cole]. Eight were charged.

e.) Mr. Noor Khan's laptop 'contained plans for a coordinated series of attacks on the London subway system, as well as on financial buildings in both New York and Washington.' [ABS News].

f.) We all know what happened in London on July 7th, 2005 resulting in the deaths of over fifty men and women.

g.) Our own intelligence agencies, as well as those of our allies, deserve reassurance that neither their operatives nor operations will be exposed and endangered by the Executive Branch of our government sworn to defend both the citizens and Constitution of the United States.

h.) This act is treasonous and intolerable.

2.) The possible outcomes are:

a.) Most likely: This issue will be ignored altogether and obscured by the other innumerable scandals emanating from this White House.

b.) Best-case outcome: An new independent commission finding all the facts of the case, resulting in the dismissal of lower level White House staff and, if applicable, the impeachment and removal of Executive and Cabinet-level officials and the trial, conviction and life-time imprisonment of all.

c.) Compromise outcome: A Congressional mandate to Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald to include the Noor Khan leak within the scope of the Valerie Plame case, rendering the same final results given for the "best-case outcome".

d.) Worst-case outcome: An 'investigation' that whitewashes this outrage and exonerates the culprits.

3.) [The candidate's] position ought to be as follows:

a.) Like Senator Chuck Schumer, he should demand answers from the White House.

b.) Unlike Senator Chuck Schumer, he should tenaciously and relentlessly follow up on this leak.

4.) My own personal involvement is as follows:

a.) I live here. I love New York and she remains a target.

b.) I was present in the World Trade Center on Tuesday morning, September 11th, 2001 and lost friends.

c.) This leak may indeed endanger the New York Subway and buses, just as it imperiled the London Underground and buses.

d.) I have family and friends who use the subway on a daily basis.

e.) Although, as a long-term result of "9/11", I needed to find work outside of Manhattan and no longer use the subway daily, I still use it to go to church on Sunday, when my car is in the shop and generally on evenings and weekends.

f.) An "el" runs outside my kitchen window. An attack on the transit system may endanger my home.

g.) I am infuriated that the Administration used the attack by men from one theocratic monarchy (Saudi Arabia) planned in another theocratic oligarchy (Afghanistan), to wage war against a secular dictatorship (Iraq) that had NOTHING to do with what happened to us.

h.) When a real issue of national security and a possible terrorist threat arose in 2004, the White House aggravated the situation by exposing real efforts to thwart an act of terror.

i.) I enjoy traveling abroad. I am proud of my country, but ashamed and appalled by the buffoonery and criminality in the Oval Office."

Please click here and sign the petition for an investigation of this case.

Also, please forward this entry to other worthy candidates.