3 are Under

3 are Under

You can help stop undercover spying on community events. Help expose spies and agitators. Within the last 2 weeks the corporate media has covered the issue of domestic spying. The NY Times has had the story on the front page at least 4 times. One front page story was about undercover agitators spying on NYC's bicycle community. United for Peace and Justice, XUP environment group and animal rights groups have been heavily targeted in NYC. Let's stop this corruption. You can help by providing proof by directly confronting these undercover people who have been ssisted by the police. It would be helpful if you have a video camera or a digital camera, but it's not essential. You can team up with others who have these tools and help them document by watching their backs or addressing agitators and spies directly. We all know that this is happening, but the corporate media needs substantial proof. Let's all work together and stop this corruption. TIMES UP! is collecting pictures and videos as part of the video collective. They will be at the TIMES UP! space 49 E Houston following the ride.

You are most likely to confront undercover agitators at tonight's Critical Mass ride, meeting at the north end of Union Square Park at 7. You don't need a bike or to ride in the mass to document this.

Tomorrow night there is a New Year's Eve party ride which will probably be joined by undercover agitators. Check times-up.org for theis ride's meet points. It ends somewhere in Central Park.

January 8th is the Memorial Ride, to honor the bicyclists who died riding in 2005. Undercovers have targeted rides like this before.

Let's not only talk about something that we all know has been going on for such a long time. Let's go out and do something about it.