Stay Free's Best of 2005

Hell, everyone else is doing it so we will too. Here are a few of the best - or, at least, most popular - Stay Free! posts and articles from the past year.

Fries25_1An Inquiry into the Effects of Preservatives in McDonald's Food, or, What Does the Fungus Know That You Don't?
Our at-home test of the difference between McDonald's and local fast food.

How Did Mad Hot Ballroom Survive the Copyright Cartel?
An interview with documentary producer Amy Sewell

The Freaky Universe of McDonald's Advertising
A video history by Tim Harrod (from our magazine)

Radio Free Clear Channel
The media giant tries to set up a fake pirate radio station

Hiking through Manhattan
Stay Free! talks a walk on New York's deserted Highline

American Science, R.I.P.
Sciencestampssm Inspired by the "American Science" series of U.S. postage stamps, we created parody stamps that look just like the real thing - only featuring God, Bush, and Rick Santorum, and William Jennings Bryant in place of the scientists. Download 'em, print 'em in color, and scare your friends.

Meet me before first period
Procter & Gamble's launches pre-menstrual tampons; a spoof by our man Torchinsky

Taking the permission society seriously
Carrie asks the copyright authorities for permission to sing "Happy birthday" to her father

Does watching TV make you stupid?
A review of Stephen Johnson's overhyped nonsense

Malcolm Gladwell
Carrie's rant about the latest book I haven't read, Malcolm Gladwell's BLINK

Advertise on my colon!
A thoughtful response to eBay "human" ad auctions

Can't a gay Batman get a break?
DC Comics goes after painter Mark Chamberlain

Mcdonaldsfeed_1Sucking on the tit of McDonald's
An actual ad from McDonald's ad agency in Austria

This Month in New York City Critical Mass OR How Much Does It Cost the City to Run One of Those Police Copters All Night?
Matt Ransford recounts a Critical Mass ride in April

George Jetson gets a present from Dove
Charles Star notices that a new ad campaign makes more than your hair look fuller