Justice Dept. Investigating Leak of NSA Wiretapping:The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into recent disclosures about a controversial domestic eavesdropping program that was secretly authorized by President Bush after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, officials said yesterday. Federal prosecutors will focus their examination on who may have unlawfully disclosed classified information about the program to the New York Times, which reported two weeks ago that Bush had authorized the National Security Agency to monitor the international telephone calls and e-mails of U.S. citizens and residents without court-approved warrants, officials said. The Justice Department's decision to reveal the opening of a criminal investigation is rare, particularly given the highly classified nature of the probe. White House deputy press secretary Trent Duffy told reporters in Crawford, Tex., yesterday that the department "undertook this action on its own" and that Bush had only learned about it from senior staff earlier in the day. Technorati tags: Bush Regime I'm shocked that the Justice Department is going to do anything concerning this illegal wiretapping by the Bush administration. Maybe it's all smoke and mirrors to make it look like they really are concerned. This might be one of those investigations that are not over with until Bush leaves office in 2009. The only reason we got anywhere with the Fitzgerald investigations on the Plame CIA leak was because Ashcroft walked away from it. I mean he tried to stall as long as he could but it finally got underway. I doubt that Gonzales is going to allow this to go anywhere for now. The only solution is to appoint an independent counsel ( not just a special prosecutor ) with power to subpoena so that they can look into these matters. Will that happen? I doubt very much so. Unless, like the CIA before Porter Goss got there ( George Tenent was no picnic either, he's writing a book I hear ) the Justice Department is tired of the abuses by this administration.