Running Scared:California elected the Governator. Minnesota put professional wrestler Jesse Ventura in the Governor's mansion. Gopher from Love Boat and Sonny Bono both went to Congress. Is New York State now looking to join these elite ranks? State Senator and GOP strongman Joe Bruno was dropping hints earlier this week that a high profile, wealthy and popular figure was considering a run for Governor of New York on the Republican ticket. Last night the news broke that the player in question was none other than Donald Trump. Technorati tags: Donald Trump The Running Scared blog had this post up about the possibility of Donald Trump running for Governor of New York on the Republican line. He was rumored in the past to have thought about running for President back in 2004 I recall. While I'm not against every single Republican or for every single Democrat I could not support Donald Trump. Donald Trump represents the ultimate corpratist. I do not believe that he would care or offer any help to the working people and the poor of New York State. I'm basically supporting Elliot Spitzer next year because I do think he is the best thing for New York right now. Everyone has a right to run however so we'll see what happens, again I think the Republicans do themselves a disservice by not strongly considering Randy Daniels.