Time magazine has up on their site a flash display of some of the pictures that can be considered the best of 2005. They provide captions and want you to vote on which one is the best. The first four photos are taken from the Katrina disaster in New Orleans which to me is the worst failure of this administration to date ( besides the Iraqi invasion ). I will also say that the photographs of the under reported Pakistan earthquake ( by the US corporate media ) are just shocking and sad. An earthquake that did more damage possibly than hurricane's Katrina, Rita, and the East Asian tsunami of 2004. Speaking of the tsunami they had some pictures of people returning a year later which I think was a good thing to take pictures of. It shows that even after a horrible tragedy we somehow manage to continue onwards. There are pictures from Iraq showing the casualties and the flag draped coffins which are essential in telling the truth of war. This is why I'm ashamed of this administration for hiding these sort of pictures for so long. Time magazine also has pictures from the riots in Paris this year as well. Closing out the feature are pictures from the London train bombings, Darfur, the closing of some Israeli settlements, and the body of Pope John Paul II being carried to lay in state. Which one am I voting for? While I appreciate the journalism and photography of these tragic events that inform the rest of the world, I cannot vote for any of them because they are just too sad. There is just too much devastation and destruction going on. Some of it we created our selves of course. I'm also saddened by the lack of attention and effort that has gone into the Darfur region. I'm also concerned that the Bush administration will not do their part to rebuild New Orleans. Lastly, I'm concerned that the earthquake in Pakistan will continue to be ignored by the US as well. I guess it's hard to maintain an imperial occupation in Iraq and focus on the real humanitarian crisis in these other areas.