Iraq: not the wisest holiday choice for an American teenager - World:The agency called the US embassy, which had been on the lookout for Hassan, at the request of his parents. One military officer said he was shocked the teenager was still alive. The 101st Airborne lieutenant who picked him up from the hotel said it was the wildest story he had ever heard. Most of Hassan's wild tale could not be corroborated, but some of it matched details provided by friends and family. Hassan believes a trip to the Middle East is a healthy holiday compared with a skiing trip to Colorado. "You go to the worst place in the world and things are terrible," he said. "When you go back home you have such a new appreciation for all the blessings you have there, and I'm just going to be, like, ecstatic for life." His mother disagrees. "I don't think I will ever leave him in the house alone again," she said. "He showed a lack of judgment." Technorati tags: Iraq I saw headlines about this story in the international press for a few days now, this was the first time I decided to read an article about the teenager who went to Iraq all by himself. He used $900 his parents had given him to hop on a flight to Iraq to do journalism work! His school has this project for their students and he decided to go to Iraq. I do not think his school condones what he did however. Hassan is sixteen years old and he is an American. It was extremely dangerous doing what he did in my opinion. His parents had the US Embassy looking for him. He's very lucky to have come out of that area in one piece. Yet, I expect that whatever he decides to write about his travels will be widely read.